address   5127 Delmar Boulevard  Saint Louis, MO 63108
                    (between Union and Kingshighway in the C.W.E.)
                        tel  314-361-5446         fax 314-361-0027
Vespa Saint Louis

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If you are looking for a Scooter or Motorcycle Vespa Saint Louis is the answer. We carry the largest selection of Italian Scooters and Motorcycles in the midwest, as well as accessories for your New or Vintage Scooter or Motorcycle.   Lets try to beat the high prices of gas by riding a New Vespa or Piaggio Scooter. We stock a wide array of OEM parts, accessories, apparel and much more.

© 2011 - Vespa Saint Louis, Inc. All rights reserved.

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We are the largest distributor of Vespa and Piaggio paint in the USA
We also offer custom bike painting.

If you are ready to pick up your winterization please allow us 7 days notice to get your bike ready thanks.

Seasonal Hours of Operation:
10AM - 5PM 
Phone: 314-361-5446